Monthly Archives: December 2012

New Fair Credit Reporting Act Form

Employers who use background or credit checks in hiring have a minor change coming: an updated Summary of Rights form will be required starting in January.

Under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, employers must give the form to applicants or employees if the employer takes adverse employment action against them based on the credit check or background check. For example, if an employer runs a credit check on an applicant, the employer must disclose that fact and provide the applicant a notice of their rights if they aren’t hired based on information returned in the credit check. That notice of rights is the Summary of Rights form.

A downloadable copy of the new form is available here.


Rounding Time

Employers rounding hourly employees’ time has reared its head recently, leading to many valid questions. Obviously, the most important one is whether the practice is legal.

The Department of Labor allows rounding time as long as it “averages out over a period of time.” So employers can round hourly employees’ time to the nearest 15 minutes on every clock-in/clock-out and still be on solid footing.

They just have to make sure it doesn’t have an unfair effect–for example, forcing employees to clock in or out at times that would round down every day instead of letting them clock in and out at natural times that would even out over time.

York Man Fired for Pulling Gun on Robber

A York County man is in the national spotlight after being fired by AutoZone for drawing his own gun on a man robbing the store.

When a gun-wielding robber tried to hold up the AutoZone store, employee David McLean ran out to his car, grabbed his own gun, and stopped the robbery. Although plenty of people supported what he did, AutoZone wasn’t quite as charitable: he was fired two days later for brandishing a weapon in the store.